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Rockin' the Square Jingle Bell!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Square Jingle Bell

Here is a tutorial with photos and a video showing you how to create a Square Jingle Bell. Hats off to Sandra Sirles for the jingle bell shape pancake die designs. You can order a jingle bell pancake die on that matches our square jingle bell pressings.

Here is a link to the pancake die:

Jingle Bell Pancake Dies

For the Small Jingle Bell pressing order Sandra's XMAS17C SM JINGLE BELL 2 pancake die.

For the Medium and Large Jingle Bell pressing order Sandra's XMAS17B MED. JINGLE BELL 2 and XMAS17A LG. JINGLE BELL 2 pancake dies.

Prepping the Jingle Bell

Begin with one of Metal Maven's Square Jingle Bell Pressings.

Use Sandra Sirles' square jingle bell pancake dies to cut out the bells, or use a guillotine shear and jeweler's saw to cut out the bells.

We used a Profiform 200 Guillotine Shear to cut the outside edges of the bell.

Next, drill a hole in the center of the top of the bell. Each bell has a snowflake design centered on the top of the bell with dot in the middle of the snowflake to show where the hole should be drilled.

Jingle Bell sawed out or cut out with the pancake die. The edges need to be filed.

I filed the bell's edges smooth using a half-round, half-flat #5 file. I also rounded the corners using the same file. You can see that the bottom left-hand corner below the deer image has not been rounded yet.