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Make An Adjustable Ring Or Yarn Guide Ring Using Our Dragon Ring Component Blank

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Purchase one of our Dragon Ring Jewelry Components Blanks:

These blanks are unfinished. You can finish them anyway you desire. This tutorial will show you Metal Maven's process for finishing and forming these rings.

This is a close up photo of what the piece will look like when you receive your blank. There will be some dark carbon on the edges and slightly discolored areas on the surfaces that is easily removed with sandpaper or a Jool Tool.

Add Patina:

Metal Maven used Gosiba patina to darken the engraved areas on the dragon. You can use any patina you wish to darken those areas.

Painting Gosiba on Dragon Ring

Metal Maven Tip:

When using Gosiba on these rings I used a small paint brush to apply the patina and then rinsed immediately with water. Doing this allows you to add patina to certain areas without getting any on the back. This also conserves the amount the Gosiba you use, and you won't be wasting it by pouring a larger amount into a jar and dipping your piece.

Gosiba added to Dragon Ring

Back of Dragon Ring.

Gosiba applied to Dragon Rings

File the Neck:

Metal Maven used a round needle file to smooth the tightest curve of the inside of the dragon's neck. She then used an oval shaped needle file to smooth the other curved areas of the dragon's neck.