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Hydraulic Press Impression Dies 


Our Impression Dies are made with heat-treated tool steel that can be used in a hydraulic press.  The designs can be used for making earrings, pendants, or any other components for your jewelry making needs.  

These dies are for hydraulic press use only.  DO NOT use these dies in a rolling mill because the type of pre-hardened steel will ruin your rolling mill rollers.


We offer two depths for our impression dies.  When ordering please double check that you are ordering the right depth for your needs.

Our shallow depth dies are intended for those artists and metalsmiths who prefer a smooth back surface on their pressings when their intended use is for earrings or pendants without needing to solder on to a backplate.

Our deep depth dies are intended for those who prefer a more pronounced image that stands up taller on the surface of the metal.  Urethane or some other form of pusher is necessary for achieving great impressions with these deeper dies and they will have depression marks on the back surface. 

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