Rolling Mill Component Die in Hand.jpg

Rolling Mill Component Dies. 

Rolling Mill Component Dies are mild tool steel dies that can be used in a rolling mill that can accommodate 2-1//2” wide by 1/8” thick material plus your metal and craft foam.  The designs can be used for making earrings, pendants, and other smaller sized components.  


The Rolling Mill Component Dies are for rolling mill use only. We tested them with a hydraulic press and we were able to get impressions. However, we also found that after the first couple of pressings the plates became dented. This happened because the type of tool steel necessary for use in a rolling mill is softer than the type of steel used in a hydraulic press. We have ordered some harder steel so we can test it. If the tests are successful we will produce some dies for use in a hydraulic press.

Some of our dies will have an arrow to show the direction that the die should be fed through your rolling mill. The reason we mark certain dies is due to the fact that as the die and metal is pressed it stretches slightly which can slightly deform designs that have round elements or borders. To account for the stretch, we slightly shorten those designs so they will be closer to the right dimensions once pressed.