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  • Do you ship outside of the United States of America?
    No we are not shipping product outside of the United States. Our last 4 international shipping orders where held up in that countries Custom's division and lost. As a result, we have had to file lost package claims with the shipping insurance company to be able to recoup the cost of the package and shipping and refund the purchase price to our customer.
  • I love your pressings! Do you sell the pattern plates for these pressing? If so, how much?"
    No, we do not sell the plates for our stock pressing designs. When we bought our laser, we did it to help with Anne’s jewelry production. It was never our intention to compete with the other companies selling pattern or texture plates on Facebook and Etsy, and we have stated that several times in our posts and comments in our Facebook group. A few people joined our group specifically because they thought they would be able to buy our stock pattern plates to roll pressings to sell in their Etsy shops. We’re willing to share our designs by selling pressings, but not so others can profit from our hard work. We hope you understand!
  • I live near you, can I pick up my order?"
    Not currently. With the current outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have initiated a contactless delivery method and are not allowing for in-store pickup.
  • I placed an order, but I forgot to add a pressing I want! If I place a second order could you combine the shipping?"
    If you place your order the same day we can definitely put both orders together and combine shipping if they fit in the same box! If you place a second order the following day, just give us a call to let us know and we will definitely put the orders together if we haven’t mailed the first one yet!
  • How many days will it take to process my order?
    We try to get orders in the mail within 3 business days, but it could be up to 7 to 14 business days depending on the number of orders we receive. We are not fulfilling orders outside of the United States of America.
  • What if I accidentally order the wrong pressing, can I send it back for a refund?"
    Our policy is not to do refunds because you would have to pay shipping to mail it back to us and then pay for shipping again for a new item. We ask that you check you order carefully before you complete your order to make sure you have everything you need.
  • My order got lost in the mail – can you help me?
    We use the USPS app for mailing and include insurance. After a shipment is mailed you will receive an email with a tracking number. Please use the online USPS tracking system to locate it. If you have trouble locating it, call your local post office for help – we cannot control what happens to packages after we drop them off at the post office.
  • Why do your plates and pressings have tiny striations in the background?
    The striations are due to the manufacturing process of the tool steel. The striations are the actual grain of the steel and is almost impossible to remove or smooth. We have tried sanding, burnishing, and even acid washing and etching to get a smooth surface, and no matter we’ve tried, the striations still show up in places. Instead of trying to change it, we embraced it as a design element. We love the rustic texture it adds to our designs that is similar to a silk fabric texture which provides an excellent surface for adding patina like Liver of Sulfur or enamels.
  • How many times can I run your pressings through my rolling mill?
    Our pressings aren’t meant to be used as texture plates, they are for jewelry making. You can buy a texture plate from Roberta at Oregon Trail Silver. She has lots of really nice patterns.
  • Why are there dark areas on your pressings photos?
    The metal is highly reflective and the dark areas you see on our photos are the surface reflection of our camera.
  • How do I add items to a wishlist?
    We have made it easy to create a wishlist of your favorites! To create a wishlist, you must first create an account or login in to your account. 1) To create an account, click on the Log In Icon at the top of the Metal Maven pages. A Sign Up page will appear. You can use Facebook, Google, or your email account to create an account on Metal Maven. 2) If you already have an account on Metal Maven, click on the Log In Icon at the top of the Metal Maven pages and then click on the Log In link next to the Already a member question. Next, type in your account member name and password. 3) Once you are logged in, a heart icon will appear on a product when you are using a mobile device and next to the Add to Cart button when you are using a desktop, laptop, and iPad device. 4) Click on the heart icon. This adds this item to your wishlist. To see the items on your wishlist, just click on the red heart at the top of the page. You have to be logged-in to Metal Maven account to see your accumulated wishlist.
  • Can you explain the gauges...  is that for the thickness of your metal or the metal that would go through the mill?
    The metal gauges we list as options for the pressings on our website are the gauges of the pieces of sheet copper or sterling silver that we start with before we roll them through the mill with our stock plates. Thicker gauges like 18 and 16 are used for bracelets and belt buckles, while thinner gauges like 20, 22, or 24 are used for pendants, earrings, or other types of components. Most people like the thinner gauges for earrings because they weigh less and are more comfortable to wear.
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