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Rolling Mill Component Die in Hand.jpg

Rolling Mill Component Dies. 

Rolling Mill Component Dies are mild tool steel dies that can be used in a rolling mill that can accommodate 3” wide by 1/8” thick material plus your metal and craft foam.  The designs can be used for making earrings, pendants, and other smaller sized components.  


The Rolling Mill Component Dies are for rolling mill use only.  For dies that can be used in a hydraulic press, see our Hydraulic Press Dies section.

Some of our dies will have an arrow to show the direction that the die should be fed through your rolling mill. All texture or pattern plates used in rolling mills cause a tiny amount of stretch or distortion to the metal being pressed due to the curve that the rolling mill causes to the plate and metal as it is being rolled. It is common with all brands of texture and pattern plates, and has nothing to do with the quality of the plates. The stretch is a minuscule amount that isn’t noticeable in highly detailed patterns or textures. However, if the plate is one that has round disk shapes or round hanging loops like our component die plates, it might be slightly noticeable, so we allow for the stretch when we draw our designs, and we add an arrow.

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