New for Christmas!


Square Jingle Bells Holiday Pressings


The pressing has 6 Jingle Bells and each bell is 1" X 1" in size.


Here is a tutorial with photos and a video showing you how to create a Square Jingle Bell. Hats off to Sandra Sirles for the jingle bell shape pancake die designs. You can order a jingle bell pancake die on that matches our square jingle bell pressings.


Here is a link to the pancake die:

Jingle Bell Pancake Dies



Select XMAS17C SM. JINGLE BELL 2 from the size dropdown.


Metal Maven designed these Jingle Bells to be cut out with a jeweler’s saw or use Sandra’s jingle bell pancake die.


This design will form a square bell. There are 6 bells with Christmas themed images on each side of the bell, and the pressing is sprinkled with some snowflake designs around the edges. Several clapper beads are included with each pressing, so you won’t need to search for something to make them jingle!


With Metal Maven’s patterned metals in your metalsmithing tool kit, your jewelry pieces will be transformed with added interest, detail, character, and charm!


Our collection of patterned sterling silver sheet pressings are perfect for adding texture to your pieces. The patterns work well for backgrounds, back plates, or focal pieces. You can use them as is, or add patina, embellishments, bezels for stones, or even saw out areas of the designs.


Square Sided Jingle Bell Small Copper Pattern Pressing 2-1/2" X 4"

SKU: 06300.03C
  • Our patterned sheets come unfinished and might have a slight curve due to the rolling process. They usually also have a slight margin around the edges which is also a result of the rolling process.