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Twelve-Step Tessellated Triangle Earrings

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Tessellated Triangles Earrings

Here's a tutorial with 12 Easy Steps for making your own set of earrings!

Step 1:

Purchase a 20-gauge Tessellated Triangles Pressing from Metal Maven.

For these earrings, Metal Maven used a 20-gauge Tessellated Triangles pressing, but any of our all-over background style pressings would work just as well!

This pressing is available in copper and sterling silver in different gauges on the Metal Maven website.

Step 2:

Use an Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie marker to draw vertical lines on the pressing where you want to cut. Metal Maven made hers 1/2” wide.

Step 3:

Use a guillotine shear or jeweler’s saw to cut a strip from the pressing.

Step 4:

Cut the strip in half so you have 2 pieces of the same size.

Step 5:

Round the corners using a flat file.

Step 6:

Mark where you want your hole to be, use an awl or small nail and a hammer to put a shallow dimple where your mark is located.

Step 7:

Drill the holes, then use a ball bur to remove any sharp burs from the edges of your holes.

Step 8:

Use a file or fine grit sandpaper to smooth all edges.

Step 9:

Dip in Liver of Sulphur, Gosiba, or your choice of blackening agent.

Step 10:

Use 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper to sand the surface of the two pieces.

Step 11:

Tumble in a rotary tumbler with water, a drop of Dawn dishwashing liquid, and stainless steel shot for 2 hours, or hand polish using a Sunshine polishing cloth.

Step 12:

Add ear wires and your earrings are finished!

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