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Dragonflies in Tall Grass Earrings

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Dragonflies in Tall Grass Earrings

Here is a tutorial with photos showing you how to create an easy set of Dragonflies in Tall Grass earrings. You use any of the Tall Grass Pressings to make these earrings.

Metal Maven Pressing used for this project.

Begin with one of Metal Maven's Tall Grass Pressings.

Mark Vignettes

This tutorial will show you how the pressing can be used to make 3 sets of round earrings. The photo below shows using a transparent circle template to mark out six 1-1/8" circles on your pressing. Metal Maven used a Staedtler transparent circle template found on Amazon, but you can also choose to use any shape you wish.

Below, Metal Maven lined up the template using a 1-1/8" circle and drew around an area on the pressing that captures the Dragonflies in the tall grass.

Metal Maven designed this pressing for different round sizes that will allow you to capture the essence of the Dragonflies in the Tall Grass for each size! In the photo below, you can see that 7/8", 1", and 1-1/8" will work the best. The photo shows the various vignettes based on the size of the circles. There are dragonfly images outside of the vignette areas that can also be used to cut out and create other components such as links and bails.

This same technique works with the other two Tall Grass pressings.

Cutting Vignettes

Once you have drawn your circles on the pressing, a vignette is defined. The vignettes can be cut out with a Jeweler's Saw, but the easiest method is to use a disc cutter if you have one. I use a Pepe 196.10 Disc Cutter. A newer model of this same disc cutter is available at Otto Frei, the Pepe 196.10A. Below is a photo of the disc cutter.