Cowgirl Rustic Floral Heart Earrings

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

You've seen the background patterns on our website and you're wondering how to use them? Here's a tutorial to give you a spark of inspiration for your next project!

Cowgirl Rustic Floral Heart Earrings
Cowgirl Rustic Floral Heart Earrings

To create your own heart earrings, you will need one of Metal Maven's pattern pressings. The one below is a good pattern to use for this project. We also have many other all-over background patterns to choose from on our website.

(Before starting this project I blackened my whole pressing using Gosiba and sanded it with 800 grit wet/dry sandpaper. You can use your choice of blackening agent before cutting, or you can wait until you've cut your pieces out.)


First you will need to plot where you want your earring cutouts on your pressing. You can freehand your designs or make a template.

TIP: An easy way to make a reusable see-through template is to find something plastic that you no longer need like a lid to plastic food container!

Cut the middle out of the lid.

I wanted to use a pancake die to cut my earring blanks out, so here I'm showing how I placed the piece of plastic into my pancake die and just traced around the inside of the heart shape with a fine point Sharpie.

Then I used an X-ACTO knife to cut along the lines.

It doesn't need to be perfect... : )

Then I used the see-through template to lay on top of my pressing to help plot where I wanted to cut my blanks out.

Use a fine tip Sharpie to draw lines along the inside edges of your template cutout.

Once you've plotted out your cut lines, use a pancake die in a hydraulic press to pop them out, or use a jeweler's saw to cut them out.

Align your piece in your pancake die. Cutting out a blank with very narrow margins of metal around the outside of your design might not be possible with some pancake dies. My pancake dies have really tight kerfs which allows me to do this. If your pancake dies require a wider margin, you might be better off using a jewelers saw.

I use a thin piece of urethane under my pancake dies to protect the pressed designs on my blanks.

After cutting out the shape with a pancake die, I removed the tab by clipping it off with my guillotine shear. If you don't have a shear, use your jewelers saw or metal cutting scissor type shears.

Remove the Sharpie line with finger nail polish remover.

Even though I had already used patina on my pressing, and sanded it, I sanded my blanks a second time to bring out the highlights. I used a small piece of 800 grit wet/dry sandpaper and used the tip of my fingernail to press it down into the low areas to highlight the fine lines while sanding.

Next, mark where you want your holes with a fine tip Sharpie. You can do this on the front of your pieces if you wish. I chose to mark the backs because it was easier to see my marks.

If you plan to use a drill bit in your flex shaft or drill press to drill your hole, use a sharp tipped awl or nail and a hammer to put a dimple in the center of your mark first.

The dimple will help keep your drill bit from dancing all around on your piece when you drill your hole.