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Cowgirl Rustic Floral Heart Earrings

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

You've seen the background patterns on our website and you're wondering how to use them? Here's a tutorial to give you a spark of inspiration for your next project!

Cowgirl Rustic Floral Heart Earrings
Cowgirl Rustic Floral Heart Earrings

To create your own heart earrings, you will need one of Metal Maven's pattern pressings. The one below is a good pattern to use for this project. We also have many other all-over background patterns to choose from on our website.

(Before starting this project I blackened my whole pressing using Gosiba and sanded it with 800 grit wet/dry sandpaper. You can use your choice of blackening agent before cutting, or you can wait until you've cut your pieces out.)


First you will need to plot where you want your earring cutouts on your pressing. You can freehand your designs or make a template.

TIP: An easy way to make a reusable see-through template is to find something plastic that you no longer need like a lid to plastic food container!

Cut the middle out of the lid.