Adjustable Vine Ring Tutorial

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

This tutorial will walk you through the steps for making your own adjustable ring with our Vine Ring pressing.

The techniques described in this tutorial can also be used for any of the other ring patterns available on the Metal Maven website.

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First, purchase a Sterling Silver Vine Ring Pressing from Metal Maven

For this ring, Metal Maven used an 18-gauge sterling silver pressing.

The 2.5" X 4" sterling silver pressed sheet can be ordered in 20 or 18 gauge on the Metal Maven website.

With this pressing, you can make all sizes of adjustable rings up to a size 10.5 with NO SOLDERING! If you choose to solder your ring, the maximum ring size is a 9.


Use a fine tip marker to draw a line along the outside border of the ring band you want to cut. This will help you see the edge when lining up the metal in your shear or when using a jeweler's saw.


Place your marked pressing on your shear and cut at the line you marked along the border of the ring band. If you don't have a Guillotine Shear, use a jeweler's saw to saw along the line.

Here's a close-up of lining up the pressing in your shear.

Next, mark a line along the opposite border of the ring band.

Here's a close-up of the second cutting line along the border of the ring band.

Place your piece of metal on your shear and cut along the outside edge of your black line, or use a jeweler's saw to cut along the line.


There are lots of gadgets that can be used to size a ring, but Metal Maven has found the method described in the steps below is the best sure fire way to get a ring size right the first time!

Now that your ring band is cut from the pressing, you will need a template for determining the size of your ring.

Place your ring band on the edge of a piece of paper and trace along the side and ends.

Here's a close-up of the template after marking. (The line is straight, it just looks like it's at an angle because of the angle of the photo.)

Here's what your template should look like. It should match the length and width of the ring band.

Add a piece of tape to the end of the paper template on one side of one edge. Wrap the paper comfortably around your finger and secure with the tape.

If you need to make a template in a certain size for a customer, wrap the paper around a step ring mandrel or wooden dowel and secure with tape.

Slide the ring template off of your finger or ring mandrel, and use a fine tip marker to mark along the edge of the overlapped paper.

Uncurl the template and lay it on a flat surface.

With your template laying in this position, mark a second line about 3.5 mm (or 1/8") to the right of your first marked line. Cut the paper at this second line. This is to allow for the open gap on the back side of your ring to allow for adjustment in size if needed.

If you want to center a flower or some other design element on the front of your ring, fold your template in half and mark the center. Then line up the center mark on your template with the design element you want in the center of your ring, and mark a line on the edge of your ring band where you will cut off the unneeded part of the band.

Here's another example of a centered design. In this case you will need to cut off the unneeded parts of the ring band at both ends.

Place your marked ring band on your shear and cut on the marked lines. If you don't have a shear, use your jew