This pressing has body parts for three dog breeds, and includes an English Bulldog, a French Bulldog, and an American Bulldog. The three body parts are meant to hang stacked one on top of another to form the dogs. They can also be soldered with tiny pieces of sheet metal in between each piece so each piece is raised and will appear to float above the piece below it.


Metal Maven designed these dogs to be cut out with a jeweler’s saw.


With Metal Maven’s patterned metals in your metalsmithing tool kit, your jewelry pieces will be transformed with added interest, detail, character, and charm!


Our collection of patterned sheet pressings are perfect for adding texture to your pieces. The patterns work well for backgrounds, back plates, or focal pieces. You can use them as is, or add patina, embellishments, bezels for stones, or even saw out areas of the designs.

English, French, American Bulldogs Copper Pattern Pressing 2-1/2" X 4"

SKU: 11800.03C
  • Our patterned sheets come unfinished and might have a slight curve due to the rolling process. They usually also have a slight margin around the edges which is also a result of the rolling process.