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Impression Die Pressings

for Metalsmiths and Jewelry Artists

Meet Our Team





Bear is a 4 year old toy class Biewer Terrier and weighs 5 pounds, and has a bit of a Napoleon Complex. He would most likely be diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, Co-dependency, and Social Anxiety if he was human! He feels his “job” is to warn us by barking about every noise he hears in case of possible DANGER, and he takes his job VERY seriously! We often refer to him as “Bear the Unbearable”, but we love him dearly.





Lola is a 2 year old, 10 pound, black and tan rough coat Brussels Griffon and is the sweetest, most laid back of all our furry team members. She hardly ever barks, but when she does she sounds like a duck quacking! She loves everyone (even Bear!) and especially loves to give sloppy wet kisses. We’re hoping her sweet disposition and laid back attitude might eventually rub off on Bear!


Product Inspector


Quality Control Officer

Mina is a 4 year old American Shorthair Tabby we found wandering the street in front of our building when she was about 12 weeks old. She’s very curious and loves to mess with, I mean,  inspect things like beads, wire, pieces of jewelry, chains - basically any shiny object! She’s also a bit of a kleptomaniac, so if something goes missing, we know who to suspect!

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