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Tool Tip: Buffing Blocks

Metal Maven recommends using ForPro Ultra Gold Buffing Blocks for removing patina from our pattern pressings and rolling mill component die pressings.

You can find them at

Here's a photo of our When Pigs Fly rolling mill component die pressing after patina was applied and then buffed with a buffing block.

Don’t throw your buffing blocks away until they are completely bare of grit!!!

I keep my used buffers a LONG time.

As you use the buffing blocks they will lose some of their heavier grit, but they are still useable as super fine grit buffing blocks! You can also dust the surface off with a rag or rinse them to remove built up metal particles. I also cut and trim them as needed when I need to buff a tiny area without disturbing the surrounding area. And, the sharp corners are perfect for reaching hard to get areas like piggy eyeballs!

When working on a pressing I add patina before sawing out any of the components. It’s much easier and faster than waiting until you saw everything out which makes the pieces harder to hold onto, and your patina will be more consistent looking on all of your components.

After adding patina, I buff the high areas using a new buffing block (or one that has only been used once or twice). Then I use my older buffers to remove more the of the patina. The reason for doing it this is so I don’t remove too much of the metal.

Next, I use smaller bits of cut up blocks to get into hard to reach areas.

After that I go back over the entire surface in one direction with a really worn buffing block (super duper fine).

As a final step I use a Sunshine polishing cloth to hand polish the surface going in one direction. You can find the polishing cloths here.

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