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How To Remove Your Metal From One Of Our Ear Cuff Hydraulic Press Dies

First, purchase one of our Hydraulic Press Dies. Click on one of the photos below to go to the product details:

Protect Your Die:

Our hydraulic press dies are made from hardened tool steel and are engraved with a laser. They will come to you pre-oiled with CorrosionX oil, but you will need to continue to keep them oiled to protect them from rust and to help your metal pieces release more easily after pressing.

Pressing Your Piece:

To achieve a mostly solid pressing with this die, we have found that 18 gauge dead soft sheet metals work best. Cut your metal slightly wider than the design and long enough to hang over one edge of the die. Doing this provides you with a tab to grab onto with your fingers or pliers when it’s time to remove your metal from the die and it’s easier than trying to pry the metal away from the die with other types of tools like chisels or flat blade screwdrivers which could damage the surface of the die.

Align your metal on the die using the engraved guidelines.

Using a pusher.

Line up your metal on the die using the engraved guidelines. Using a steel pusher that is as close as possible to the size of the die, press once to about 20 tons. (We use a hardened tool steel pusher that is 2” in diameter.) After the first pressing, turn the die 180 degrees and press a second time. The reason for doing this is because most hydraulic press platens are not completely level so your pressing could press deeper on one side.

After the second pressing, when you remove the die from your press there might be some slight indentations on the back surface of your metal where the larger engraved areas are on the die. This is normal and is unavoidable. Remove your metal from the die by gently pulling up on the tab of metal you left on one end.

Quick Release:

Here is a video that shows the quick release method. You will need a rawhide, nylon, or plastic hammer for this tip.

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