Custom 2.5D Impression Dies

Have an idea for a custom impression die?  Metal Maven can make a custom impression die with your design.  

Your submitted design is yours and yours alone.  We will not sell your design to anyone else or use it in our stock designs.

Steps for requesting a custom plate:

So what are the steps for requesting a custom impression die?

  1. Provide Metal Maven with the information requested on the Custom Impression Die Quote page.  For an international address, please use the page for International Addresses.

  2. You will receive an email confirming that Metal Maven has received your request.

  3. Metal Maven will contact you via your preferred method of communication to begin the design review process.

Sizes available:

Our custom design impression dies are on 1/8" thick heat-treated tool steel and comes in one size.

  • 2" X 4" heat-treated tool steel

Quote for Impression Die:

A price quote will be provided for each piece before any work begins.  ​The following details will be used to determine the quoted price:

  • Complexity of the design

  • Graphic design time

  • Laser engraving time

  • Depth of the Impression

  • Tool steel cos​

As an example, if a customer has artwork that is a black and white laser-ready vector design sized to fit within a 2" X 4" heat-treated die, then the graphic design time will be minimal.  If the artwork can be engraved on the laser in two hours or less, then the cost will be close to $150 for the custom impression die.

If, however, the artwork is a scanned drawing or a jpeg file that will require graphic design time to get the artwork converted to a laser-ready vector design, then we will need to factor in the cost of the graphic design time.  We charge $25 per hour for graphic design.

In our experience, when working on our stock designs, on average, a simple jpeg file can be converted to a laser-ready vector design in about 2 hours.  Once the design is laser-ready, engraving usually takes about 2-4 hours, depending on the depth of the impression.  The average depth in which an impression die was engraved was .5 mm.

Very complex designs will take longer to design and engrave and will be reflected in the quote.  

Design Review:

When you submit your artwork for a quote, we will determine if the design is usable.  What this means, is that our experience with engraving our own stock impression dies we have learned what types of designs work best when engraving on heat-treated tool steel.  If a design has too many lines or the lines are thin, then we know that the artwork is going to require tweaking to reduce the number of lines (vectors) or thicken the existing lines.  The artwork tweaking means that additional graphic design time will be required to get the drawing laser-ready.  Additionally, there are some submitted pieces of artwork that are copyright protected and would requires us to verify that you are the owner of the copyright protected artwork.  An example of this would be submitting Disney themed artwork or a screen shot of an artist's personal designs. 


2" X 4" plate: cost starts at $150.

Graphic Design: $25/hr

We reserve the right to change our prices based on the current cost of tool steel.

Preferred File Formats:

We prefer vector designs that are stark black and white.

File formats that we accept are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .ai, or .dxf. 

Only designs that are stark black and white will work for engraving - grey areas or halftone shading will not work!

Vectors can be purchased fairly cheaply on the web from places like VectorStock, Shutterstock, and Dreamstime, and some sites offer freebies, so that is always an option!


If you send us a pen or pencil drawing, we might be able to use it, but please scan it at high resolution (minimum of 300 dpi).



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